We co-hosted an evening of tonic for the mind, body and soul with Jade. You know when you arrive at a ‘relaxing’ event flustered and late, wondering how you will ever feel zen? Well Jade did her thing and sorted us all out. Every last detail from delicious wafting smells to natural homemade soothing oils as well as a natural healing touch meant that by the end we were all full transported to a zen state. The attention to detail was mind blowing, she’s been a pleasure to work with.
— Rude Health
I’ve had some incredible massages with Jade. The treatments are always deeply relaxing and she intuitively eases away all of the tension in my body. By the end of the massage, I feel refreshed and grounded. I travelled from Essex to London for my most recent massage with Jade and it was definitely worth the trip! Jade’s hands are made of magic and her sessions go beyond what words could describe.
— Wolf Sister
Jade is my go to for massage in London. I always feel so nourished, refreshed and free after a session. Jade tunes into my energy and seems to know exactly what my body needs, perfect pressure and always professional. I can highly recommend Jade.
— Rachael Welford Wellbeing
Magic hands, soothing and gentle energy i can’t recommend jade highly enough. 
— Cheryl Isabell
“Jade has a wonderful earth energy that makes her healing simply to be around! I have experience of Jade’s 1:1 massages as well as her group experiences at events and retreats. Jade doesn’t just have magic hands, she also has a very special initiation that makes her massage services so much more special. All of our retreat guests beam about her massages and her bespoke natural products she uses. The holistic bodywork that Jade provides will enhance any event or retreat as well as making the perfect treat for a friend or yourself!”
— Zoe Barrett
Jade’s hands are blessed with healing, she just intuitively knows what your body needs. Jade’s passion for her craft means that you never feel like you’re just getting a massage. I literally float away after getting a session with Jade feeling there’s been a positive shift towards the good. Highly recommend.
— Nikki
Jade has amazing hands, real body knowledge, and a soul full of sunshine, and you walk away feeling amazing.
— Emma Chesterman
I had the most amazing head to toe full body massage from Jade. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her place is so welcoming, friendly & warm. She made me feel so comfortable on arrival. The music was perfect, none of that plinky plonky whale noise malarkey. She really released some knots from my shoulder-blades that have been there for years, the pressure was absolutely perfect. A particular highlight was the face massage; unbelievable & using the most gorgeous natural products from Health & Beauty Co. I had the deepest sleep that night & woke up feeling incredible. You’d be a nutter not to go & see her & her magical hands. The girl has a gift.
— Katie Connell
I had an incredibly lovely massage with Jade in London. She really worked deeply into my tight shoulder and back muscles, delightful! Thoroughly recommended, will come again soon!!
— Janine Frances Woodcroft