Kreativ House

I have partnered with Welford Wellbeing to create and offer a revitalising wellbeing programme that ranges from yoga, meditation and retreat days to 121 treatments and coaching.

Simon founded Kreativ House to create extraordinary environments that adapt and progress with a design led focus.

"Everything we do at the house is for our community, the ecosystem that defines who we are. From our members, our partners and our followers, we tailor experiences that serve the needs of people first. Relentlessly sourcing, planning, curating and producing the best products and services catered for the aspirational and the ambitious. Every element of the house is of the highest quality, reflecting a new standard through innovation".


Restore & Nourish Retreat Day

October 22nd 2017 | Kreativ House, London

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As the winter evenings draw in and your mood drops like the leaves off
the trees, we welcome you to reframe your Autumn mood. If you’re feeling
sluggish, ready to hibernate or hide in thick cosy jumpers then why not
join us for a day of pure nourishment and restoration for the body and
mind. Drinking tea, building community, yoga, meditation, massage and
mindful eating all combine to help you detox your body and mind and restore
your wellbeing ready for Autumn.

After your welcome tea, Pip will guide you through a sequence to work
with the seasonal energies of the large intestine and lungs, helping the
body to breathe and eliminate what no longer serves... physically,
mentally, emotionally. Let go as the practices slows from flow to find
stillness in yin, just as nature does at this time.

After a short juice break, we sit down with Ollie who understands that
when you’re busy, tired and have limited time, it’s easy to grab food from
the nearest location or default to a takeaway or ‘healthy’ ready meal
without considering what is the most nutritious option for you. At times,
it may be cravings which find you turning mindlessly to foods such as
chocolate, biscuits and crisps to manage negative feelings and
emotions. And then when you’re eating, you guzzle it all down, without
stopping to chew or taking the time to really taste and enjoy your food. 

During Ollie’s workshop, you’ll learn how to choose meals that nourish
you and support your energy levels throughout the day, as well as manage
your cravings more effectively. You will also consider how to enjoy your
food more mindfully, which will benefit you physically, mentally and
emotionally. Practise what you have learned with our delicious vegan,
mindful lunch.

Now your body’s feeling nourished, let’s move onto the skin. With the
winter nights drawing in you may find your skin looking tired and dull. Do
you miss that natural glow from the summer months?

Using natural oils Jade Jasmin will guide you through a self-face massage
routine on how to improve the appearance of your skin and keep it nourished
through the change in seasons. Jade will teach you a step by step routine,
so easy you’ll be able to do it at home, self-massage will bring oxygen to
the blood cells, help with lymphatic drainage and remove waste from
skin. Leaving you with improved tone, texture and your friends asking you
how you keep looking so good throughout Autumn!

Finally, to finish off the day, nourish your mind as Rachael guides you
through a Reiki activated sound and meditation journey. Tune into whats
safe for you to release now and allow your whole being to re-program bad
habits, negative thoughts, and re-imprint positive affirmations helping to
increase self-esteem. Just as the Autumn branches let go of their leaves so
gracefully at this time, you will let go of all negativity and leave
feeling calm and at peace. 

If you feel like finishing the day with some arts and culture then you are
more than welcome to check out Kreativ House's current Exhibition with
Rollvndo, from Dover Street Market.

Presented by Jade Jasmin & Welford Wellbeing