Kreativ House

I have partnered with Welford Wellbeing to create a wellbeing program for Kreativ House, a new independently owned, dynamic work space for the creative and the curious in Hackney, East London.

Rachael and I are really excited to announce this partnership. We had been discussing ways of bringing wellbeing to the workplace for a while following our transition from the busy creative and events industries. We understand the pressures which come with living and working in London, having become acutely aware of the emotional and physical impact of these hectic industries and stressful job roles had on our health. We made the move into wellbeing to re-address our own balance and the more we learned, the more we realised how essential it is to bring accessible wellbeing knowledge to more people.

Kreativ House was founded by Simon Klobas, “Everything we do at the house is for our community. The ecosystem that defines who we are. From our members, our partners and our followers we tailor experiences that serve the needs of people first. Every element of the house is of the highest quality, reflecting a new standard through innovation. Working with Jade Jasmin and Welford Wellbeing seemed like a natural choice.” he says. 

My passion is creating space for people to relax and take time out. "I notice in all my clients that when they take time out and relax, they become more productive and I wanted to bring this opportunity to more people. This collaboration was born to ensure members have access to a work wellbeing program to achieve balance, leading to better health, higher productivity and generally feeling good!”

Rachael says "I'm so excited to be part of this amazing partnership as it's my dream to help people transform. I used to think, ‘There has to be more to life than this?!’. I was tired, so busy working and playing in the city that I didn’t realise there was a different way. I want to provide another option, another way of doing things; another way of being. This collaboration will enable us to share new ways to relax minds, release old patterns, realign and re-set our community so they’re ready to take action and win at life."

Kreativ House is now open for co-working, office space and our wellbeing program which currently includes:

Yoga with Pip Roberts | 8-9am on Friday's

Yoga with Wild Thing Yoga | 7-8pm on Wednesday's 

Meditation with Rachael of Welford Wellbeing

Click here to book tickets for the events or email to find out more about how to get involved and take advantage of the free co-working space or enquire about an office. 


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Restore & Nourish Retreat Day

October 22nd 2017 | Kreativ House, London

retreat day image.jpg

As the winter evenings draw in and your mood drops like the leaves off
the trees, we welcome you to reframe your Autumn mood. If you’re feeling
sluggish, ready to hibernate or hide in thick cosy jumpers then why not
join us for a day of pure nourishment and restoration for the body and
mind. Drinking tea, building community, yoga, meditation, massage and
mindful eating all combine to help you detox your body and mind and restore
your wellbeing ready for Autumn.

Presented by Jade Jasmin & Welford Wellbeing

Ticket link: