A Personal Guide to Travel


I spent my time split between Norfolk, where I grew up, where my family live and where some of my favourite places are and London which became my second home in 2011 after leaving university, to start the next chapter of my life. Both are my homes, my base, where I work and where I spend my time with friends and family. Work kept taking me away until I decided in November 2017 that London might not be everything for me and that it would be good to explore the opportunities of taking a chance, making a change and moving away to try living in a different country with my partner. Sri Lanka became that country. During 2018 I have travelled around the world on various adventures,  for work, for weddings, for birthdays and holidays, always ensuring I make time to explore and find the best spots. 


Like everyone, I had the idea to write about the places i've been, but only the good places, the places that have provided me with many memories on my journey so far. Not all the places have been amazing but this is about adventure, positivity and making life choices for the right reasons. Yeah i've been to some places that weren't quite for me, but thats all part of it. 

Hopefully some of my travels that have led me to these special places will help shape and inspire some of your own travel choices. Each of the places I write about, I have visited personally and simply write about these as recommendations. Influenced by travel and nature, the lasting memories brought by tastes and smells, local culture, natural beauty and forever in search of calming, inspiring and interesting places, a sense of lasting adventure and discovery has lead me to document a practical and simple travel guide to share with you. 

Jade Jasmin