Jade Jasmin is known for her simple and personable holistic approach, represented through the work that she does. A wealth of experience developed around the world has led her to continue to grow and develop her skills specialising in Holistic Massage Therapy, teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. Combining her passion for these, she has curated, programmed and managed retreats and wellness spaces globally.

Jade spent over five years working in busy creative roles in music, marketing, management and events, and became acutely aware of the physical and emotional impact of these hectic industries and stressful job roles.

In 2016, Jade made the move into the wellness industry, starting with massage therapy to help redress her own balance, and now receives great joy in helping others find theirs. Jade Jasmin was founded to create a space for people to relax and take time out to do things that make them happy, and to help others follow their dreams.

Jade is a big believer in setting intentions and following your dreams. Nobody else will carve your path the way you want it, so don't wait. Start today.  


Jades has always been influenced by travel and nature, the lasting memories brought by tastes and smells, local culture and natural beauty. Forever in search of calming, inspiring and interesting places, a sense of lasting adventure and discovery has lead Jade to document a practical and simple travel guide to share with you. 

Jade is currently based in Sri Lanka but also spends her time between London and Europe.